The crowdfunding campaign for Skid Row Marathon started…

My first blog was about the filmmakers with their project and I’ll keep you posted!–3

Documentarians Gabi and Mark Hayes have been working on an inspiring documentary about a Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles who started a running club for homeless people on Skid Row. He not only trains them for international marathons but also gives them a second chance at life. Skid Row Marathon is the story of how one man can make a difference. Judge Mitchell hopes to take 12 Skid Row runners to run the Rome Marathon in March 2015.
So far they have self-financed the documentary, but now they need help to get the film into the home stretch. They have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the $30,000 needed to get the runners to Rome. They are asking friends to support the project especially in the critical first few days of the campaign. Campaigns that reach 20% of their goal in the first week have an 80% chance of succeeding.

Here is a link to our site with all the information you need to participate:–3

Gabriele Hayes
323.848.7993 Office
323.620.7063 Cell

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