Open office association

kantoorschets def1. 1939, Administration building Johnson Wax, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. By then the biggest office floor ever (drawn after a photo).

2. 1962, Set design of 19th floor of insurance-company “Consolidated” by Alexandre Trauner for the movie The Apartment, Billy Wilder (drawn after seeing the movie).

3. 2015, café Graffiti on La Brea, LA. Designed as an “airy monochromatic space, with the clack-clack of people writing their screenplays” (drawn at location).

I wonder why I combine this very trendy café with those two offices. To express “infinity, anonymity and insignificance” Trauner had children sitting on the far offices, further on taken over by cardboard figures.  The airy, totally black and white Graffiti-cafe expresses some of the same neutral feeling but then as a blank slate for each individual thought. It is the repetition of the white round tables (way more than I drew) that reminds me of the columns in the Johnson Wax office, the beginning of the modern office. The creative person here is happy in a  work spot with a nostalgic touch of the modern office.

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