Sketch of the day

October 7th, 2015


Not straight outta Compton


P. enters the metro

Sitting man (M.): “ Do you have a boyfriend?”

P: “…huhh? I am married, my daughter is 21!”

M: “O.K…. just asking, no problem!”

M: “Are you studying research or something?”

P: “Yes, I study the city.”

M: “Cool…should check out Compton… but not at night! You see… you start talking to me, a black girl would not if she would’ve been married. She would think I would think she wants something from me, you know!”

M: “You dare walking outside, everywhere. A black girl doesn’t. In the hood, if she would walk outside, all she wants is something, you know. “

P: “Is Compton your hood?”

M: “… I was born in Venice. Was at Venice High school. Parents divorced so I spent the weekends in Compton. In Venice I had rich friends. In Compton we hang out in the streets all the time. I am from both worlds. It is all about trust.”

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