Sketch of the day

Connectedness in the arts district.

Image 1The guy in the graphic design shop pointed out his favorite coffee place and handed me a card with a discount for Blackspot, owned by a friend of his. I settled there and it didn’t occure to me to ask for wifi. I was enjoying the espresso, the walking in and out from everybody, that chatting and the relaxed seating half on the street. Later that day, searching for a place to connect with the www, I decided to give a coffee place with a trendy working-interior a try. No wifi. “Why not, is it not cool or is the cable-connection in this industrial area maybe missing?” “No, it is more conceptual” the girl explained “we want people to connect over a cup of coffee.” I already ordered, so I stayed, feeling somehow disconnected between all solo-customers busy with phone, laptop and tablet. I ended up drawing the two-iPads scene I witnessed earlier that day.Image

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