Thank you for WAR, Anthony

Last Friday I was being ubered to El Segundo by Anthony. When I recognized a song by the Bee Gees he corrected me, it was a remake by Beyoncé (sorry Semna, I should have known). I am so glad we went on chatting about music. He told me to join the Tasteofsoul Festival next day on Crenshaw Boulevard  and to go listening to WAR.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSo I did. What fun! WAR (originally “Eric Burdon and War”) turns out to be the oldest still existing band based in LA with a fabulous latin funky style. The lead singer is Lonnie Jordan, the only one left from the very first day (1969), with mesmerizing musicians around him. While Lonnie, at the age of 68 was running around on stage like a teenager, I could read from the public how the songs were deeply carved in everyones memory and body!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

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